Have A Presentation or Big Event Coming Up? Learn How to Nail It On Your Big Day!

May 13, 2023
someone presenting in front of room

We all deserve to shine in our big moments. But, unfortunately, sometimes our nerves/anxieties can get in the way giving an inaccurate depiction of who you are and what you know. We want our best-prepared selves to show up. Still YOU, but calm, personable, and ready!

My first suggestion is to sit quietly and visualize the presentation or event happening from start to finish. Do multiple run-throughs, envision yourself at the event, and see interactions with your guests and among themselves. Then go one step deeper and think about what they need to know as you move through the event. What questions may they have? Take notes. Reflect and see if this uncovered info alters anything you are prepping. What questions or needs may arise throughout the presentation or event? Start to problem-solve for these and find small ways to smooth out the day. This way, by the time you take your place for the big show to begin, your brain has experienced the day multiple times.
 By this point, I imagine you have an event timeline or a presentation outline. Next, I would write out your personal timeline. This is you writing (pen to paper), step by step, the moments you will be experiencing on your day. It takes your mental preparedness to a whole new level.
 Whether I'm presenting or leading an event, it takes me about 5 minutes to find my words and groove. And because I'm extra nervous in the beginning, I need to be extra secure about what I'm going to say. It kicks off my flow for the rest of the time. I suggest practicing the first five minutes over and over again OUT LOUD. Do it in the car, do it in the shower, do it while you're walking. Even better if you can practice in the mirror or on Zoom. Watching yourself can trigger a new wave of nerves, push past them and run through them several times. It will feel terrific. And who cares if it's rough in the beginning, don't judge! Just be glad that this isn't happening in front of a crowd. If it takes you a couple of times to iron it out, that's ok; you'll find it!
These may seem very simple, but I promise you they are very powerful. The best part is that you are not only "practicing" with each of these exercises, so you're getting better, but because your brain is experiencing them repeatedly, you are automatically reducing your nervousness or anxiety. It's a win-win across the board. All of these elements working together allow for calmness and, even better, excitement for the actual day! You start to even look forward to it as opposed to feeling dread. I begin these efforts about a week beforehand, but even once or twice will be beneficial. You can also identify the spots you're looking forward to.
I hope it goes without saying, but any remaining nerves are all positive. For me, they allow me to get laser focused at the moment. So have fun and be your prepared self. The more present and focused you are, the better, allowing yourself to shine.

Still feeling unprepared or really nervous? Reach out and schedule a 1:1 coaching session or Pep Talk. We'll get you ready to go and feel like the rockstar you are!



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