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Jenai Fitzpatrick, MS Ed., CLPC


Why me…

Working as a School Psychologist, EF Coach, and Administrator, I’ve supported individuals of all ages by acknowledging their strengths and helping reignite personal empowerment in their home, school, and work settings. I've witnessed the power of creating a personalized toolbox that enables their potential to shine. The truth is that throughout life, we constantly find ourselves in environments that make us feel like there is only one way to be successful. We need to begin exploring individual paths to define our own success wherever we are. When we feel supported and are encouraged to develop in our own way, we become unstoppable.

In both my professional and personal life, I've also witnessed the physical, emotional, and mental load women tend to carry on their family's behalf. And this doesn't just include Moms. We now know (with new research coming out on a daily basis) that women tend to nurture and take on silent work not just in our homes but at the "office" as well. Not that it wasn't bad enough before, but the truth is that the pandemic has left us completely depleted, feeling overwhelmed and alone more than ever. 

My life's mission has become to remind and support women to question their narratives in order to create the life they deserve. I truly believe that the power of clarity is undeniable with a well-formulated strategy that includes personal empowerment, resources, and encouragement. If interested, you can learn more about my professional background here.


My story…

In February 2020, I had finally been promoted to Executive Director at a start-up that I had poured my heart and soul into. I was thrilled to have accomplished this personal achievement. Like the rest of the world, we closed our physical doors in March 2020. My family and I were fortunate in a lot of ways, but the challenges of having two working parents plus an only child (who was in kindergarten at the time) began to take its toll. Truth is that when I look back, I was unwell way before the pandemic hit. On paper, everything was great, I was exactly where I wanted to be making professional progress. Then Covid hit, which just immensely exacerbated things. By the time we closed our doors for good in November 2020, I was very ill; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As someone who has experienced burnout, I know firsthand the necessity of tending to your own needs. I also understand that when you're drowning, THAT feels impossible. I totally get it. It wasn't until I gave myself the time and space to reconnect with my current personal values and learn whom I've become that I could then begin creating a new path forward. This also gave me the inspiration to ask myself how I’d like to “show up in the world?” How can I align my knowledge with this newfound sense of self and contribute in a meaningful way? And this is the beautiful outcome, I've never felt more authentic and alive than I do today.

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my husband and son, going on outdoor adventures, or working in our organic garden. Other things to note: I'm an "easy" laugh, and I enjoy all things fashion, singing in the car,  and organizing everything! 

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